Digitize Compliance Documents Easily and Securely

It’s easier than ever now to capture compliance documents including exemption certificates, federal withholding forms and vendor licenses, using a smartphone or tablet at the point of transaction, and then easily submit them into CertCapture for processing and management.

Business Challenge

Many state and federal jurisdictions are only accepting exemption certificates and other compliance documents that they create, and do not consider versions completed online to be valid. Examples include sales tax-exempt purchases for use by a government entity or a foreign diplomat, or products purchased to be resold in the state of Florida.

Securely collecting required forms in a timely fashion is especially challenging for companies with either a retail presence or mobilized sales force, and it can be even more difficult digitizing these documents for easy reporting. As a result, documents are often lost, misplaced, or partially scanned—all of which creates exposure and costly risk under audit.


The Avalara CertCapture Mobile Scan App is the most flexible, readily-available and easy to use tool for capturing and submitting compliance documents. When compared with other manual or partially automated options, the flexibility and functionality of connected mobile devices’ with a camera cannot be beat.

Employees no longer need to be tax experts to collect exemption certificates. They simply log into the app on an AndroidTM or iOSTM device, make a few quick selections to help define the jurisdiction and reason for the document, add an email address for follow-up, take a picture of one or more documents and hit submit. It’s that easy.

The app ensures the highest level of security by connecting to CertCapture via secure API calls. ID and password credentials are centrally managed and can be revoked at any time, blocking connectivity. All images submitted are only available in-app and are automatically deleted after 24 hours.

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Key Benefits

  • Capture documents anywhere and any time without needing a fax machine, scanner or mail center
  • Easily capture all documents including identification cards and other forms of user validation, which is often necessary to satisfy audit requirements
  • Improve the customer experience by collecting information anywhere business takes place
  • Ensure compliance by proactively collecting forms when a physical document is presented
  • Optimize IT investments by integrating with low cost, highly flexible, readily- available devices
  • Ace your next audit by capturing and submitting documents on demand without relying on processes and controls to prevent information from being misplaced or lost

Key Features

  • Capture and collect important compliance documents at every customer touch point, including checkout terminals, kiosks, trade shows and on site sales
  • Eliminate the cost and support of having to maintain fax or scanner equipment for purposes of capturing compliance documents
  • Supports both iOS and Android devices and operating systems
  • Simple-to-use solution that requires almost no user training and no tax expertise
  • Utilizes advanced technologies to ensure data is secured at rest and in transit
  • Be ready for your next audit with all critical compliance documents stored digitally, in a centralized database

The new Avalara CertCapture Mobile Scan App is available for download in iTunes® and Google Play™ for use on iOS™ and Android™ devices.

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