Avalara ExciseCapture

The easy way to manage fuel licenses, exemption documents and more

Staying compliant in the complicated world of fuel excise tax is no easy feat.

There are countless exemption certificates to collect and licenses to acquire—all in an industry where the tax rates, rules and reporting requirements change constantly. A hands-on approach will only get you so far. The more you manually manage, store and retrieve these documents, the more time consuming and error-prone things become. It’s all too easy to put your company at high risk for unanticipated tax liabilities and a painful audit.

Enter Avalara ExciseCapture.

This intuitive, automated tool manages fuel licenses and exemption certificates for you, keeping them up-to-date automatically and in the background. With ExciseCapture, customers can enter their own information directly into your secure system. No more soliciting, collecting and transcribing. ExciseCapture does all this and more for you.

Plus, it integrates with the tools you already use.

ExciseCapture integrates seamlessly with Avalara AvaTax Excise and Avalara Returns Excise so you can store, search and report on over 1,900 different types of fuel licenses and exemptions from one single platform. This integrated workflow enables quick and easy access to all the tax compliance proof you need. Once ExciseCapture starts feeding your other systems with the latest fuel license and exemption documentation, the risk of using outdated information to calculate and file taxes is virtually eliminated.

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