>>How to Prepare for a Sales Tax Audit [Webinar]

How to Prepare for a Sales Tax Audit [Webinar]

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Learn How to Ace Your Next State Sales Tax Audit

Your organization isn’t just at risk of being audited. It’s probably far less prepared for such an event than you realize. And all those documents that you spent so much time collecting and storing may not suffice should an auditor come knocking at your door.

If you were to be audited today, would you know:

  • How many exemption certificates you have?
  • Which certificates will expire soon?
  • How many certificates are missing information or need updating?

Listen to this webinar to hearĀ from two tax experts, one of whom is a former state auditor, on how to increase your tax compliance and lower your audit risk.


Silvia_AguirreSilvia Aguirre
Chief Certificate Officer, Avalara CertCapture

Silvia Aguirre is currently the Chief Certificate Officer at Avalara where she manages the product direction of the CertCapture suite of products. She is the co-founder of Avalara CertCapture. Silvia was previously co-founder and Principal of Tax Technology Services, LLC (TTS), where she had overall responsibility for the operational efficiency of the organization, as well as the tax knowledge base. Previously, Silvia served as an Auditor for the State of Texas, in their San Antonio and New York offices. After her audit career, Silvia served as tax manager for national companies in manufacturing, retail and technology industries. Follow Silvia on LinkedIn Pulse and Twitter.

matt-macneilMatt MacNeil
Director of Solutions Engineering, Avalara CertCapture

Matt MacNeil is currently the Director of Solutions Engineering for Avalara Certcapture. He has been involved in Sales tax consulting for the last 10 years with specific emphasis on developing new solutions for clients with exemption certificate issues. Previously he was Vice President of Tax Technology Services, LLC a tax consulting and solutions firm. He is a regular speaker at various credit and accounting educational classes on sales tax issues.