>>A Fuel Supplier Tax Compliance Nightmare

A Fuel Supplier Tax Compliance Nightmare

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Ensuring fuel excise tax calculations and returns are accurate is not a simple task.  Many fuel transactions are materially affected by the existence, or non-existence, of a simple piece of information – a state license or a tax exemption certificate. When incorrectly providing an indirect tax exemption to a customer, fuel suppliers and distributors put themselves at risk of audit liability, including fines and penalties.

This webinar details the challenges of tax document management, as well as the recommended solutions for fuel suppliers. You will learn:

  • Why it’s critical to track business partner licenses and exemption documents
  • The 4 key business challenges of ensuring tax compliance through document management
  • Best practice business processes to minimize exposure to tax errors


david-campbellDavid Campbell – VP of Product Management, Excise & CertCapture

David leads the product management team focused on excise tax and certificate management solutions at Avalara. He is responsible for product strategy, planning, roadmap, and go-to-market execution for all Avalara Excise and CertCapture products. A veteran of the motor fuels taxation and enterprise software industries, David has held executive roles at FuelQuest, Hewlett-Packard, Scalable Software, and TruLogica.

Matt Macneil, Avalara CertCapture cofounderMatt MacNeil – Director of Solutions Engineering, Avalara CertCapture

Matt has been involved in Sales tax consulting for the last 10 years with specific emphasis on developing new solutions for clients with exemption certificate issues. Previously he was Vice President of Tax Technology Services, LLC a tax consulting and solutions firm. He is a regular speaker at various credit and accounting educational classes on sales tax issues.