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A Fuel Supplier Tax Compliance Nightmare

fuel-truck-thumbnailLicense & Exemption Certificate Management. Ensuring fuel excise tax calculations and returns are accurate is not a simple task.  Many fuel transactions are materially affected by the existence, or non-existence, of a simple piece of information – a state license or a tax exemption certificate. When incorrectly providing an indirect tax exemption to a customer, fuel suppliers and distributors put themselves at risk of audit liability, including fines and penalties. Watch Now

How to Get Audit-Ready with CertCapture

foldersDo you know how many audits you have coming up? How much exposure you have in each state? What steps you should be taking to prepare? We’ll be unraveling the answers to these questions and others like them in a live demo of CertCapture.

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New Reporting and Withholding Compliance Documentation Requirements

Form W-9Companies are using more freelancers and contractors than ever. Increasing numbers of employees are trading full-time employment for temporary or contract work. For employers, this means increased responsibilities for federal tax withholding and Form 1099 reporting. With the introduction of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) even more complexity has been added. Watch Now