Why Compliance Document Management?

Managing compliance documents can feel like a huge hassle compared with other, bigger priorities. It’s tempting to put things like vendor documents, exemption certificates and fuel licenses on the backburner while your team deals with more important issues. Until the auditor comes. Then that documentation won’t seem so unimportant after all.

Even when you’ve diligently filed papers in filing cabinets or off site storage, it can become impossible to locate the right documents and ensure they’re still valid. A few missing certificates or expired forms can quickly turn into hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax liabilities—or much more for big businesses.

There is a better way.

It’s called Avalara Compliance Document Management. We help businesses of all sizes achieve compliance with comprehensive solutions that are fast, accurate and easy to use. From automated software to fully Managed Services, each one is designed to solicit, collect, verify, store and track all of the right documents for you—in the cloud and behind the scenes.

Created by a former state auditor. To help you ace audits.

Avalara CertCapture Founder Silvia AguirreIt started with a state auditor and tax director named Silvia Aguirre. For many years she witnessed first-hand how difficult it can be for companies stay updated on evolving tax laws and remain compliant. So often, it was missing and invalid exemption certificates that caused the most trouble.

Matt MacNeil, Director of Solutions Engineering, Avalara CertCaptureSo, in 2004, she joined forces with a former controller (Matthew MacNeil) and technology professional (Jeffrey Mitchell) to build a system powerful enough to automate the entire process. They called it CertCapture.


In the years that followed, demand grew. So did the product.

Avalara CertCapture TeamCertCapture was acquired by Avalara in January 2013. Today, Avalara CertCapture is known as Avalara Compliance Document Management: a suite of solutions that makes it easy to manage many types of compliance documents.

There’s a solution for everyone—from the excise tax manager who needs to track fuel licenses to an employer worried about FATCA to the retailer seeking a way to collect certificates at the point of sale.

Decrease Audit Liability.

More than 2,000 companies save time and reduce audit risks with Avalara’s compliance document management solutions.

In a recent survey conducted in November 2015 by TechValidate to Avalara CertCapture customers, 65% of CertCapture users decreased their audit liability by 50% or more.*

And, 73% of those in the consumer product and retail industries say the ability to quickly and more easily respond to an audit is the biggest benefit.**

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